External API

The External API is a critical component of the Tookey infrastructure, enabling users and systems to access and interact with the wallet access management platform. Built on the powerful NestJS framework, the External API is designed to be highly extensible and customizable, allowing you to tailor its functionality to suit your specific needs and requirements.
One of the key features of the External API is its support for OAuth 2.0 authorization, which enables secure user authentication and access management through popular platforms like Telegram and Discord. By leveraging OAuth 2.0, the External API ensures that only authorized users can access the platform's features, providing an additional layer of security and control over your wallet access management processes.
In addition to OAuth 2.0 support, the External API also provides the ability to create shareable tokens for use in trusted execution environments, such as servers. These tokens allow for secure access to the platform without the need for full user authentication, making it easier to integrate the Tookey infrastructure into your existing systems and processes.