For Individuals


The Tookey Signer mobile app, combined with Wallet Connect integration and a dedicated Telegram Bot, offers individuals a comprehensive and secure solution for managing their wallet access, controlling their assets, and interacting with decentralized applications (dApps). This multi-channel approach ensures a versatile, user-friendly experience that puts the user in control of their wallet and its associated permissions.

Installation and Setup

The user begins by downloading and installing the Tookey Signer mobile app on their smartphone. They then securely link the app to their wallet through the External API, ensuring proper authentication and authorization.

Wallet Connect Integration

The Tookey Signer mobile app integrates with Wallet Connect, a popular open-source protocol that enables users to connect their wallets to supported dApps without exposing their private keys. This provides a secure and seamless experience when using dApps, allowing users to manage wallet access and interact with various applications directly from their mobile devices.

Telegram Bot for Key Management and Transaction Confirmation

The Tookey infrastructure also includes a dedicated Telegram Bot for managing keys and confirming transactions. The bot offers the following features:
  • Wallet creation, deletion, and rotation
  • Granting and revoking access to trusted third parties with full control and visibility
  • Providing server access
Users can interact with the Telegram Bot to perform these actions, ensuring that they maintain control over their wallet access and assets at all times.

Granting Access to Third Parties

The user may want to grant partial access to their wallet to a third party, such as a friend or family member. Using the mobile app, they create an Ignite Scenario that defines the specific permissions and conditions for the third party's access. The app generates a shareable token, which the user provides to the third party.
The third party then uses the shareable token to access the user's wallet through a trusted execution environment, such as a server. They can perform the allowed actions as defined in the Ignite Scenario, without having full access to the user's private key.

Transaction Confirmation

When a third party initiates a transaction requiring the user's approval, the Tookey Signer mobile app sends a notification to the user. They can then review the transaction details and securely sign it using the app's built-in signing functionality.

Monitoring and Revoking Access

The user can monitor the third party's activities through the mobile app's dashboard or the Telegram Bot, ensuring complete visibility and control over their wallet access. If the user decides to revoke the third party's access, they can do so easily through the app or the Telegram Bot, which will invalidate the shareable token and terminate the access permissions.
By leveraging the Tookey Signer mobile app, Wallet Connect integration, and Telegram Bot, individuals can enjoy a highly secure, convenient, and flexible solution for managing their wallet access, maintaining full control and visibility over their assets and transactions, and interacting with dApps in a seamless manner.