For Protocols

Enhanced Security and Flexibility with Tookey Infrastructure

Blockchain protocols and platforms can benefit from the integration of Tookey infrastructure, which offers secure, flexible, and modular solutions for managing wallet access and key management. By leveraging the features of Tookey's MPC-TSS wallets and the Hardhat plugin, protocols can provide users with an enhanced experience and improved security.

Hot, Warm, and Cold Wallet Options for Diverse Security Needs

Protocols can offer their users a range of wallet options, including hot, warm, and cold MPC-TSS wallets. These wallet types differ based on the storage location of the third MPC key share and the method of transaction approval. By providing users with a choice of wallet types, protocols can cater to the diverse security needs of their user base.

Seamless Integration with Hardhat Plugin

For protocols built on Hardhat, the Tookey Hardhat plugin allows for seamless integration with the Tookey infrastructure without the need for code modification. This simplifies the development process and ensures that the protocol can take advantage of the robust security and flexibility offered by Tookey's infrastructure.

Programmable Ignite Scenarios for Customizable Access Control

Tookey's Ignite Scenarios enable protocols to finely tune the conditions and scripts for generating new keys, creating signatures, and rotating keys. This level of customization allows protocols to implement the most suitable access control mechanisms for their specific use cases, providing enhanced security and convenience for their users.

Support for Various Wallet Setups

Tookey infrastructure allows protocols to support a wide range of wallet setups, such as 2-of-2, 2-of-3, 3-of-5, and more. This versatility ensures that protocols can cater to the unique requirements of their user base, offering the most appropriate wallet configurations for different scenarios.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Tookey infrastructure supports cross-platform compatibility, with libraries available for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS. This broad compatibility ensures that protocols can provide users with secure wallet access and key management across various devices and environments, enhancing the overall user experience.
By integrating the Tookey infrastructure into their platforms, protocols can offer users a secure, flexible, and user-friendly solution for wallet access and key management. This powerful combination of features enables protocols to deliver an improved experience for their users while maintaining the highest standards of security and access control.